We Can Represent You in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Surgeons looking towards a patient.If you or your loved one suffered a serious or fatal injury during surgery or as a result of overmedication, you should discuss the circumstances with a lawyer who handles medical malpractice cases.

Did the doctor, nurses, hospital or pharmacist fail to adhere to the acceptable standard of care? Did the hospital employ personnel who lacked credentials or made a medical mistake?

Discuss your concerns with experienced lawyers and an on-staff registered nurse at the law offices of Golitko & Daly. To schedule a free consultation about a medical malpractice lawsuit, contact our legal office in Indianapolis and Kokomo.

An Advantage of Truly Understanding

One of our medical malpractice lawyers, Judith Golitko, also acts as a nurse, and is therefore well qualified to evaluate a suspected medical malpractice case from the standpoint of both attorney and health care professional. Our attorneys are prepared to listen compassionately and make appropriate recommendations as to whether you have a viable case. We can advise you about strategies for pursuing the compensation that you and your family need and deserve after a medical mistake resulted in injury or wrongful death. It is integral that you seek the advice of a medical malpractice attorney to help you determine the best way to proceed for your unique case.

You need this advice prior to any cover up or record altering by the health care provider occurs.  Medical providers know when they mess up, so they will cover it up. We are here to act on your side.

If we take on your medical malpractice case at one of our offices in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Kokomo, we are prepared to bring in the most highly qualified experts that we can find. This expert may help verify or pinpoint the root cause of the injury:

In the event that you come to us to consult about a doctor's mistake and we conclude that another law firm would better serve you, we will be honest with you and are confident that we can refer you to the most suitable attorney for your case.

Medical Errors – Overdoses – Negligent Care

Were you or a loved one given too much medication? Were you dropped by nursing staff and injured?  Did a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy give the wrong medication?  Did the error result in limb loss or amputation?  Did the mistake cause a wrongful or unnecessary death of a loved one?

Learn the most effective way of getting full compensation for all expenses and losses, including loss of love and affection, medical bills, and lost wages caused by an unpaid leave of absence or job termination as a result of the medical mistake.

Holding Careless Medical Providers Accountable

Time and time again, Golitko & Daly has seen how careless and unsafe hospitals and nursing homes have become.  Physicians and hospitals are overworked and understaffed which can lead to carelessness and oversights.  With the pressure to see as many patients as possible often looming over the shoulders of hospital workers, many times proper care is overlooked or hurried by.

Some hospitals have doctors and nurses that are non-board certified or otherwise under qualified to handle a patient’s condition or illness, and fail to call in qualified health care providers for help.  This can result in catastrophic results such as:

Don’t Wait to Contact Us about Medical Malpractice

To schedule a free consultation about medical malpractice, contact our law offices in Indianapolis and Kokomo. When you meet with our registered nurse attorney, you can begin the process of holding healthcare providers responsible for their carelessness.