A Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help You and Your Loved Ones Cope with a Devastating Loss

An upset man mourning the loss of a loved oneIf you have lost a loved one in a serious accident, as a result of a work injury, or in a construction accident, please accept our sincere condolences.

We have seen how unforeseen losses devastate families firsthand, and we sympathize with you in your time of loss. As personal injury and wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we are well qualified to help surviving family members recover just compensation after an accidental death in the family.

Compensation May Be Available to Help Your Family Move Forward

No amount of monetary compensation will fill the gap left by your loved one's accidental death. However, your family may need financial assistance with one or more of the following:

For help with wrongful deathclaims, contact our offices situated in Indianapolis and Kokomo, to schedule a no-cost consultation with a wrongful death lawyer. We are here to advise and assist.  No further obligation is required.

We Are Ready to Take on Some of Your Burdens

An experienced wrongful death attorney is a valuable ally at a time of injury, accidental death, and loss. We understand that your family needs time to grieve, regroup, and find your way forward after a loved one has passed as a result of a work accident.

Our job and mission as Indiana wrongful death attorneys is to take some of those burdens off of your shoulders after a fatal accident. When we represent survivors of the deceased following a work accident, we conduct a detailed investigation into the cause of death. You can rest assured that we will work to uncover all available sources of compensation, such as life insurance policies that the family may have been unaware of, workers’ compensation benefits, general contractor liability, and other sources of payment available.

We analyze police reports, OSHA findings, and interview witnesses until we are satisfied that we understand how your loved one died and who was legally responsible for the death. We also tackle the tough legal, estate, and other issues that surround your wrongful death claim.

Our team is willing and able to help. Attorney Judy Golitko, who is also a nurse,has much experience working with families in times of stress. We are ready to examine all aspects of the fatal accident — including the possibility that you may be entitled to workers' compensation death benefits if your loved one was killed on the job.

Construction Accidents – Work Injury Resulting in Death

Golitko & Daly has handled many wrongful death claims in Indiana arising out of a variety of work injuries or accidents.  Unfortunately, Indiana workers who are killed at work die needlessly – often times these wrongful deaths are preventable and are usually the result of some general contractor’s reckless disregard for safety and safety rules as governed by OSHA and IOSHA.

Our clients include family members of the many iron workers, electricians, and other union laborers from throughout the country who travel into Indiana for major construction jobs.  When tragedy strikes, Golitko & Daly is here to help.  You get to pick your lawyer, so make an informed decision. You want an OSHA certified attorney on your side, and we can provide just that.

Million Dollar Results – Attorneys with Impressive Track Records

Our lawyers have won multiple million dollar cases and are ready to help ease the pain and income loss caused by your loved one’s untimely death.  Mr. Daly recently secured $10.2 million in damages for a client’s family; his legal and OSHA knowledge lead to the result.

Get the Help of Professionals Experienced in Wrongful Death Claims

Discuss your loved one's accidental death with an experienced Indiana lawyer who regularly handles wrongful death claims. Contact the law firm of Golitko & Daly in Indianapolis to schedule a free consultation.