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Construction Accidents May Involve Workers’ Compensation And Personal Injury Claims

Construction accidents can be particularly devastating, since construction sites are extremely dangerous. If you have suffered injuries in a construction accident, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as well as compensation from a third party.

At Golitko & Daly, P.C., our Indiana law firm is highly respected and trusted with all types of workers’ compensation cases that stem from construction accidents. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of cases. Attorney Matthew Golitko is highly regarded as a formidable construction accident lawyer who is certified by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Attorney John Daly has built his reputation  as a lawyer who fights for injured workers, having handled numerous complex construction accident cases. Our legal team also includes attorneys who are health professionals and know how to dig deep into the evidence and medical records to prepare solid strategies to pursue success in workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.

We are a work injury firm that fights for results. Our team understands the impact that these types of injuries can have on your life, family and future, and work to protect these things as thoroughly as possible. You can rely on us at all times, as our firm works to build solid, lasting relationships with clients.

Investigating Your Personal Injury Case

No matter the extent of your injuries, you should seek medical attention after any construction accident. This is important for your own well-being, and it also allows you to document your injuries. After your safety has been ensured, our attorneys can begin to investigate the circumstances of your accident by collecting information from the scene and taking photographic evidence.

We can contact other employees and eyewitnesses who saw your accident occur while their memories are still fresh. Rest assured, our attorneys have extensive experience filing construction accident liability claims and spinal cord injury liability claims. We will work to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Potential Third Parties Who May Be Liable

Workers’ compensation may not be your only avenue of obtaining a recovery in your case. In the event that your accident was caused by a third party or product while you were doing your job, it may be possible to take action against this party to ensure you obtain compensation for your injuries. Some common third parties that work on construction sites and may be liable include:

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Subcontractors
  • Delivery services or drivers
  • Fellow workers

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