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Spinal Injury Liability: Establishing the Responsible Parties

EMTs helping a woman in an auto accident by putting a neck brace on herWhen an employee suffers a spinal injury at work, identifying any and all liable parties is paramount to collecting the compensation needed to cover the immense medical expenses. If you have suffered a work-related spinal injury, contact Golitko & Daly to schedule a complimentary consultation with a spinal injury lawyer at our Indianapolis office.

When Spinal Injury Happens At Work

There are several Indiana laws in place that protect both employee and employer from radical claims for damages and unwarranted blame in a workplace injury. With the assistance of an attorney practiced in Indiana law, employees who have suffered a spinal injury can collect the maximum amount of workers' compensation allowable. Our attorneys can also help you secure compensation for lost wages, permanent disability, and prescription medicine. Without proven legal counsel, those injured at work may not receive enough workers' compensation to cover their expenses. In some cases, their claim may be denied altogether. When one of our attorneys handles your claim, you can rest assured that your best interests are upheld in this complex process. 

Compensation from Liable Parties

Sometimes, if a third party is also liable in a work-place incident, they may also be responsible for paying damages. Examples of these cases would be those in which another company is responsible for a piece of faulty equipment. Third parties can also include negligent motorists who cause motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury to an employee traveling for work purposes. Establishing third-party liability is an intricate process, and we highly recommend that an employee seek the help of an experienced spinal injury lawyer. Rebuilding a life in the wake of a spinal injury is not easy - and usually not affordable without ample compensation. Our exceptional legal team will investigate every detail of your case to ensure that all liable parties are held accountable, and that you and your family receive the compensation you need and deserve.

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Since spinal injuries can be some of the most devastating accidents to occur in the workplace, injured workers and their families owe it to themselves to secure the best legal representation. These injuries can impact an employee for the rest of their life, and affect their family as well. Laws exist to ensure employee safety and protection in the workplace, and a breach in that protection for any reason must be explored not only to achieve justice for the injured party, but also to discourage future spinal injuries in the workplace.

A spinal injury can be expensive, time consuming, and - worst of all - debilitating. It is important that employees recognize their rights in the workplace. If an unsafe work environment has resulted in a spinal injury suffered by you or a loved one, you should not have to pay out-of-pocket for treatment. We have a proven record of helping injured workers receive the compensation they need. For more information about establishing liability in on-the-job spinal injury cases, please contact us today.

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