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Work injury attorney Jared Harts discusses his unique background in mechanical engineering, which helped him develop a keen eye for product defects. He also worked at a large firm that defended product manufacturers. Today, he is able to combine this experience and training in a way that helps him best serve workers injured on the job.

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I have a unique background, including a degree in mechanical engineering, that allows me to look at work injury cases, specifically from the area of potentially defective products. Immediately following law school, I went to work for a large Indianapolis law firm that specialized in defending product manufacturers in large injury cases around the country. I'm now able to put that background to use helping injured workers. One time, I was meeting with a client that had been injured at work and they understood that they had a worker's compensation claim, but when they began to tell me how they were injured and they started to tell me how the machine that they were working with did not have a guard and I looked at that and was able to determine that there should've been a guard there. One of the first things that engineers are taught is if there's a safety danger, it should be designed out of the product. The next thing is if it cannot be designed out of the product, the danger should be guarded. I could tell immediately that that danger had not been guarded. At Golitko & Daly, we're uniquely set up and qualified to provide a full range of services to injured workers.