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John P. Daly is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified and also trains others in this area. Here, he discusses the respect he has for the type of work that his clients do. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. Daly feels that he found his calling when he dedicated his practice to helping people, and finds the work extremely rewarding.

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My clients really are people who literally have built the country and continue to build the country. They're people who pay the taxes, fight the war. They may not have the background to deal head-on with an insurance company and that's where I can step in and help them. When I was growing up in South Bend, my dad was a worker in a pressroom at a newspaper. That's where I come from and, really, that's where I stand. One of the cases I'm most proud of is a case that I tried for a widow and two little girls involving a road construction accident. During trial, I think we kind of had them on the run and the insurance company thought, "Well, maybe we'll offer my client a little bit of money and they'll go away." And my client looked at me and said, "I trust these people. I trust this jury. They're real people." That jury came back with a $10.2 million verdict after an offer of $40,000 to settle it. I was proud of the job I'd done, but I was really proud of my client for sticking to her guns and I was really proud of the jury for doing the right thing. I think what I bring that is kind of unique is I'm an OSHA-certified trainer. Not only have I taken the OSHA courses, the 10-hour, the 30-hour, the 500 course. I teach them and I'm certified to teach them. I teach them at the unions and I teach them to general contractors as well. To the extent I think I've had any success in the courtroom, I think it's based on one really simple thing and that's I always tell the truth and I always have my clients tell the truth. And I think jurors have an innate sense of who's full of it and who's telling the truth. And we don't go to trial unless we feel like we can win and we can win because we've always told the truth. The only reason to become any kind of professional, whether you're a doctor, or a lawyer, or an accountant, any type of professional, is really to help people. I really found my calling when I dedicated my practice to helping people. So, my practice is people-focused and it's tremendously rewarding and it really is an honor for me to represent people who need me.