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John P. Daly Jr. and Matt Golitko, who specializes in workers' compensation, discuss why they chose to work together. Combining these areas of expertise has strengthened their ability to help clients. This allows their personal injury law firm to handle all aspects of clients' needs under one roof, providing the focus and attention each case deserves.

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Matt: The whole idea of this firm kind of became over years of John and I representing the same client under two separate law firms or two separate roofs, so to speak. John: I represent a lot of injured construction workers. I didn't do workers' compensation so I needed to refer them to people who did. When I started referring cases to Matt, he'd be responsive, he'd take care of them, he'd return their phone calls. Matt: It was pretty clear that John was one of the premier construction accident attorneys in the state of Indiana. John: When I have workers' compensation question, I don't have to get on the phone, I just walk down the hall, I can take my clients to Matt and just know that they're being taken care of. Matt: We can handle all our clients' cases all under one roof and give them the focus and attention that their case deserves.