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Meet Social Security Disability Attorney Judith Golitko


In the event of a denied social security disability claim, Judith Golitko says it is imperative to seek legal representation. As a social security disability attorney, she feels strongly about helping disabled clients navigate this complex area of the law. Mrs. Golitko is a former nurse and compassionately handles each case she takes on.

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There are two types of disability. There is Social Security regular disability for those workers who have worked 5 of the last 10 years. That is called SSD Title II. There is another type of disability for workers who have not been able to work 5 of the last 10 years and don't have the acceptable quarters. That is called SSI. Social Security will take about 90 days and they'll make a decision on whether they think that person is disabled. If they find in that initial go-round that they don't think this person is disabled, they'll deny them. That's when they need to get an attorney. There are two denials. That original one is going to be called a request for reconsideration. They could deny you the second time and then I would file a request for hearing. If I take your case, that means I believe in you, I believe in your case and I believe you're disabled. Don't ever not get an attorney involved because you think that you don't have the money to pay one. A disability attorney only gets paid if they win. I have a nurse's heart. I want to help people, and even though I'm an attorney, the nurse comes out a lot more often in my disability work than the attorney because I want to help people. We take someone who is unable to work and we go to work for them.