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Here, workers' compensation attorney Matt Golitko discusses a case that resulted in a $3.75 million award for his client. Mr. Golitko has handled thousands of workers' compensation cases throughout his career. He is passionate about helping injured workers and their families, and uses his experience to make sure they are well taken care of.

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Workers' compensation cases make up the large percentage of my practice. I've seen not just hundreds of workers' compensation cases; I've handled thousands of workers' compensation cases. Often times, I'm representing factory workers, construction workers, a wide range of workers that get injured in a wide variety of ways. One of the cases that I'm most proud of, it was a trench collapse case where a young man was injured and ended up being a quadriplegic. This particular client was in his 30s, a young guy, and was going to have to deal with this injury for the rest of his life, him and his wife. What we were able to do is not only secure a lifetime of medical and to get him approved for Social Security disability and to make sure that he was going to be eligible for Medicare in the future and to have a lifetime of medical, but we were also able to secure a lifetime of financial resources and income to him and his wife and to make sure that they were really taken care of. We were able to settle for $3.75 million and I was really proud that we were able to really take care of this young man who had this awful life-changing injury. Like anyone else, when I decided that I was going to become a lawyer, I had to decide what kind of a lawyer. My dad was a UAW autoworker my whole life. It was really easy for me to decide who were the people that I wanted to represent. The working class are the people that I'm comfortable with. They're the people that I like and they're the people that I want help. So it was really easy for me to decide when I was going to become a lawyer, what kind of a lawyer I wanted to be. And I was definitely going to be to help injured workers.